Fool on the Snowbound Hill

Well on the way, head in a cloud; the man of a thousand voices talking perfectly loud.

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To PoppingLikeDaisies: It’s Just A Shot

It’s a sedative or some shit that patients get when they lose their shit and start flipping out. I dunno if other psych wards have different names for it, but that’s what the kids called it at Laurelwood.

I can proudly say that in the duration of my times in the psych ward, I have never got the “booty juice.”

To RandomnessGirl01: I Will Post Pics

I’m gonna take a butt-load on my new camera, and then I’ll upload the top ten or top five that I like the best on here. The rest I’ll put in my Scraps or Stash on dA, but I’ll definitely post pictures of my prom as well as a picture for Homecoming that I never got the chance to show.

I should be concerned about my finals and schoolwork, but I really don’t give a fuck as long as I get Merit Roll or graduate period.

Oh my God, I just re-read Avi’s comment:

"is someone giving you troubleĀ again

I’m sorry, but I just had to LOL at that. Should probably watch some My Little Pony, but I’ll just draw some shizzle that I had in mind. I’m seriously thinking about doing some preliminary sketches of Scarlet Duchess and Chrono Dreamer, but I also want to draw Marc and Polly too.